Digital Vision was glad to organize the first Pharmacy Summit Iraq/Kurdistan 2022, which was the biggest gathering for the pharmacists all around Iraq and Kurdistan Region, in collaboration with the Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists and the Syndicate of Iraqi Pharmacists.
We made the rebranding of the logo of the summit, prepared the event identity that included the visual designs of the printings and publications, and an official frame that was used during the event.
More than 600 pharmacists attended the event that consisted of a conference and exhibition, with the attendance of special governmental guests.
Digital Vision’s achievements were:
  • Branding: We made an event identity package for the summit, designed all of the printings of the event.
  • Social Media Management: Managing the social media platforms and publishing. about the event before and during the summit.
  • Photo & Video Production: Our talented team has managed to cover all of the details of the summit during the event by taking pictures and recording videos, also preparing an exclusive music theme for the event.
  • IT Solutions: We managed to make scannable modern QR Codes that were made exclusively for the attendees of the event by using the latest technologies, with the personal information of each one of them when scanning the QR Code.
  • Website: We made a responsive website that included registration form, sponsorship and exhibitor forms, followed by continuous reply through emails.
  • Logistics: Preparing a volunteering team to operate before and during the event.
  • Stage Decoration: We made a special decoration for the stage containing a high quality screen, and two boards with the logo of the event.



Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists


3 Months, June - September 2022



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